Woman: What does she want?  Does she exist? How does she exist?
The visual image of the Woman has been strongly shaped by conventional masculine desire.
My paintings attempt to deconstruct those conventional images while necessarily leaving behind traces of phallic pleasure and protection
Declining to produce only familiar images of the Woman, I intended to defamiliarize those images by forcing the Woman to pass through the Real.  I paint the woman entombed in transgressive spaces such as in the bathroom, on the gallows, at the scene of her murder and Inquisition, and even during her treatment in the Psychoanalytic Clinic.  She either crouches on the ground or hangs suspened in the air. From the vanishing point of her beautiful image and sometimes in full view of the male gaze, she reflects castration and death.

Painting her passage through the Real necessarily included what is ugly, disfiguring, strangulating and hyperbolic,  thus disrupting the defensive idealization and aesthetic coherence of her surface beauty.  As Lacan would have it: Fantasy is always a defense.
Paradoxically, at the edge of death and reification, she comes alive.